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Saturn is going to remind you of the importance of self-reliance. He is going to show you that you are completely okay, just as you are. And he is going to remind you of just how much fun it can be to spend time alone with yourself. Take yourself to your favourite restaurant and savour the moments of solitude. Plan a solo trip to another city or even another country that feeds your inner weirdo.

Spend an entire Sunday in bed watching your favourite show and eating your favourite pint of ice cream. For the rest of this year, whether you are taken or single, know that your biggest priority is to love and nurture all of the messy, complicated, and beautiful parts of yourself. This year is about creating a relationship with yourself that is built to last.

Gemini in - RUSSH

So be easy. What parts of yourself do you have yet to embrace and appreciate? What facades are you hiding them behind?

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Where and when did you learn that those parts of yourself are not worthy of love? Who do you trust enough to show them to this year? This is a year of falling head-over-heels in love with every aspect of yourself. The messy parts. The weird parts. The magic parts. We know that you are steady, reliable, and materially successful. Show us your desire.

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Show us your strength. With Jupiter, the planet of good luck, moving through your fourth house it is a year of getting in touch with your definition of family.

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  • It is a year of rediscovering your roots and your family history. It is a year of using the past as a tool for shaping your dream home of today. What things did you love in your home as a kid?

    What food brought you warmth and comfort growing up? What traditions did you practice as a family that you would like to carry on in the future?

    Gemini in 12222

    Whatever gave you the warm and fuzzies growing up, give yourself more of that this year. Invest in the house or apartment that you have been craving for so long. Create a home environment that feels like a sanctuary and safe-haven outside of the chaotic world around you.