December 16 2019 new moon horoscope

Hey for that last few mornings here in SE Minnesota, looking straight west, I've seen a bright object in the sky that at times, seems to be blinking. Do you think it is a star, satellite, or planet? Differing air densities of the atmosphere make the light appear to twinkle. You can not see the Moon. With a New Moon, the Sun and Earth on opposite sides of the Moon so all three are aligned, leaving the side of the Moon that faces Earth in complete darkness.

Today's Horoscope: July 16, 12222

You need education of all kinds, if u don't know or believe in nature, u don't know or believe in the world. Get schooled,shut your mouth,and leave the world alone. For thousands of years, people have known the best time to initiate any project is when the moon is waxing from dark to full.

I always believed cutting hair fits into this category. I believe the Almanac states this too, but also gives confusing dates?? Also what is the emphasis all the sudden on Lunar haircutting, I think it stems from the Lunar hair cutting craze put out by that henna company M. People, their calendars are wrong and I don't know where they are getting their information.

I think they are making it up as a lot of their products are supposed to be based on Traditional Alternative Medicine methods, but they are not, not even close. They are not experts as their serums and elixirs are B. You can plant below-ground crops like radishes, carrots, potatoes in the waning of the Moon between a full Moon and new. The Moon will be new on Dec. After Dec. Can someone help me I'm looking for dates to cut my hair to make it grow in the months of April and May. See our best days timetable for dates on cutting hair to encourage growth.

Why are the comments saying the best time to cut hair is at full and new moon. But the almanac picks days not on a full or new moon? Hi Scuffy, The Almanac believes that cutting the hair during a waxing Moon between new and full encourages growth. Cutting the hair during a waning Moon between full and new discourages growth. The very best days to cut hair to encourage growth in Dec.

Taurus (April 20 - May 20)

Very best days to cut hair to discourage growth are Dec. Hair should be cut while the Moon is increasing. For beauty it should be in Taurus or Libra, and if applying to a harmonious aspect of Venus, so much the better.

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For luxuriant growth it should be in Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces. Treatments to increase growth should be started while the Moon is increasing in Scorpio, subsequent treatments while increasing in Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces. Zain published by www light [dot] org.

My mother looked at my face when she would look at the moon on the day of the first moon for good luck. Skip to main content. The Full Cold Moon. By The Editors. January 2, What do you want to read next?

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Full Moon for September Full Moon for June Full Moon for July Full Moon for November Full Moon for March Full Moon for February Those themes include financial security, career goals, and commitments. The day opens with the Capricorn Moon teaming up with serious Saturn in Capricorn and dreamy Neptune in Pisces, which helps to set the stage for us to release what's no longer working in our lives in exchange for something more promising. With the Capricorn Moon also teaming up with transformative Pluto in Capricorn by the mid-afternoon, we should also find the determination we need to let go and move forward.

Overall, today promises for an emotionally intense time. And with Capricorn in the mix, the only way out of it right now is to go through it. Read below to see what the stars mean for your sign today, and make sure to check out your July monthly horoscope. You're getting closer to achieving a goal, and today could bring a major step up or accomplishment in some way. At the same time, you're also being pushed to be more accountable to yourself when it comes to pursuing a goal or dream. Everything you need is already within you.

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You tend to have some strong convictions about the world and the way it works, but today you're being pushed to challenge and rethink what you think you know. The key to growth and success means being open to what you don't know while recognizing that you still have lots to learn. Some difficult feelings could come bubbling up to the surface today, especially around something that you may have thought was long gone and buried.

But recognize that whatever is coming up is giving you the chance to address or heal from it once and for all.

Sun enters Sagittarius

You are loved. Today may call for you to put someone in their place if they've been consistently overstepping your boundaries. Don't let a fear of loneliness or rejection keep you stuck in an unbalanced relationship. On the flip side, you don't need to fly solo. Be upfront about the support you need. You've got lots on your plate now, which could easily overwhelm you if you're not strategic with how you use your energy. If you do feel overwhelmed, take it as a cue to pay more attention to your well-being.

Let folks know if you need a break. You don't need to play the hero.