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A few words about Astro Kumar Indian Vedic Astrologers Since: Welcome to the world of Astrology, where you find resolutions to all your personal or professional problems. Or maybe the unpredictable results of the last election have encouraged us to throw out traditional scientific methods and look to the stars. Horoscopes have always been tailored to their audiences.

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Newspaper astrology columns used to offer different advice in papers catering to working- and middle-class readers, with middle-class horoscopes recommending spending more money, traveling more, and focusing more on their careers. Both versions were feminized, encouraging readers to nurture others and avoid confrontation. But these new online products advance the game by offering seemingly endless customizations. Modern horoscope apps and columns are also fitted to satisfy up-to-the-minute psychological fixations.

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And Ms. Nicholas has linked her astrology with other front-of-mind millennial preoccupations, like capitalism and the patriarchy. A lot of the updated signals are aesthetic ones. This can be a type of growth that is consistent throughout life, as well as recognizing what areas of life are currently requiring attention.

My style is casual and deep, and can feel much like chatting with a confidante.

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A: Working in Bushwick is amazing as I get to meet people from all walks of life. I enjoy how spacious the streets and skyline are from my studio. I have lived in the same two-block radius on and off for the past seven years and I love it! A: I have been reading charts since I was a teenager. I have been an astrologer for over 10 years—a full time professional astrologer for three years.

A: I give people the option as to what kind of reading they would like horary or a natal chart reading. Giving people the option and choice to explain what type of reading and what they expect to find out is a great use of time and also allows the clients to get out of their shell to tell me the low-down and what they would like to know. I also allow for a few follow-up questions via text or email, if they think of a question they forgot about, but remember later. I am very direct and honest with my readings—and interpret the situation and chart with no judgement.

An astrologer always has to have compassion and be impartial in order to give cosmic clarity to the client. A: I love the energy, the feel, and the vibrancy of the neighborhood. Williamsburg and Bushwick are places where people can be themselves all the time and assert their individuality.

I love that! A: I've been doing astrology readings for people for two and a half years, and before that I've studied and read tarot for 14 years. A: As with my tarot, I focus on ways to empower people to proceed in their own lives with perspective and confidence. If someone asks a question and I tell them "yes" or "no" it doesn't typically change their pre-existing course of action. It may seem more prophetic, but it's much less useful. If I help them examine the hopes and motivations underlying their concerns, then we can change the course they're on and give them a sense of agency.