Aries weekly 16 to 22 tarot card

Porrima is named after an ancient goddess of prophecy. She was the assistant of Carmentis the Roman goddess of childbirth. Stars in the girdle of Virgo are said to exert a Mercurial and to a lesser extent Venusian influence. Gienah is the first star of the Corvus constellation that dominates this Libra decan 2.

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In 15th century star-charts, Gienah is marked as being on the right wing and not the left. These special Behenian stars have magical properties and were used in medieval magic. The star Algorab has the worst reputation of the two, but is Algorab actually Algorab? Somewhere down the line their names have been switched.

One unnamed star in the Dragon, adding more magic and ferocity to Libra decan 2. Both Minkar and Alchita are in Corvus. The myth goes that sun god Apollo sent Corvus the raven with a cup Constellation Crater to fetch some water for his feast. On his way he was distracted by some fine figs on a tree and lost track of time gorging upon them. When the crow suddenly remembered his errand he picked up a passing snake Constellation Hydra and used it as his excuse for why he had not filled up the cup as asked.

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The raven reported back to Apollo the unwelcome news that she was having an affair with someone else. Apollo in anger cursed the raven, and its color changed from its former silver hue to the present black. It is said to give craftiness, greediness, ingenuity, patience, revengefulness, passion, selfishness, lying, aggressiveness, and material instincts, and sometimes causes its natives to become agitators. They sometimes prey on the misfortune of others.

Accidents or injuries difficult to avoid. Pero la chava no hacer es esfuerzo. Me da igual ya. Your email address will not be published.

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The week ahead for aries

El desea un cambio laboral. Decisions are pending. Will you work or won't you? Will you travel or won't you? If married you could be in a rough spot, not getting along with your spouse and straining at the ropes. Back off and take a birds eye view. The creases will even out. Success will come knocking at your door and it will be the result of your hard work and intelligence.

Love is smooth and warm- reach out to your beloved and show you care, the reciprocal affection will be really nice. Some of you want to own the world- patience! All in good time.. By continuing to use the site, you agree to the use of cookies. You can find out more by clicking this link.

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Today's Horoscope Find out what tarot cards have in store for you this week - April 16 to 22 Check out tarot card predictions for this week April 16 to 22 by Ruchira Mittal here. Aries Expect a fortunate turn at work- you will progress, earn some money and enjoy your good fortune. Taurus I love your week. Gemini Important to maintain a balance this week.

Cancer Break away from the restraints you feel- they are only in your mind. Leo This week is the beginning of new things. Virgo I love your week. Libra Some sort of a quandary in your life this week. Scorpio I love your week. Enjoy Sagittarius Despite all odds, through all your struggles you will emerge victorious. Capricorn Hmm some tears are okay- they are cathartic.

Magick Tarot: December 16 – 22

Aquarius Decisions are pending. Pisces I love your week. Today's Horoscope Weekly horoscope This week's horoscope Tarot card predictions daily horoscope zodiac signs Daily Prediction. Next Story.