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Serlio's designs accommodate every strata of society from the poor, to the emerging bourgeoisie, to a palace for the King. His scheme for housing conceives a model for a new urban form -- the modern city based on an economic social construct. The digital files presented here comprise recto, verso and selected watermarks representing 73 original plates, and provide an exceptional opportunity to view this rare manuscript in great detail.

The broader Digital Serlio Project provides online access to not only the unpublished masterwork but new research on topics as diverse as the materiality of the manuscript's paper and the creation of national typologies of domestic architecture in the form of essays contributed by a cohort of international scholars and students. Avery's significant holdings of the published editions of Serlio's complete works have also been newly digitized, and the entire corpus is accessible from the Project page.

The diversity and splendor of Sergei Diaghilev's world of Russian ballet and opera seasons in Paris was on display at the Chang Octagon Exhibition Room. Website for The Seymour B. The collection consists of more than 40, objects including historic photographs, maps, pamphlets, postcards, books, and New York City memorabilia from the 18th century to the s. Digital collection of archival and other rare Tibetan Studies holdings, primarily in the C. Additionally, the Collection includes digital images of some fifty rare books and a limited amount of audio-visual materials, such as lectures by Tibetan Buddhist teachers, and oral-history and related interviews with Tibetan and Chinese scholars and cadres in China and with Tibetans living in exile on their lives and historical events in the 20th century.

Ulysses Kay wrote more than one hundred forty compositions in a wide range of forms -- five operas, over two dozen large orchestral works, more than fifty voice or choral compositions, over twenty chamber works, a ballet, and numerous other compositions for voice, solo instruments or dancer, film, and television. Initially conceived as a fundraiser for the University's athletics teams, The Varsity Show has grown into Columbia University's oldest performing arts tradition.

It is an annual extravaganza that has launched many students on their paths to careers in the arts and elicited cheers and blushes from those in the Columbia community who find themselves subject of its satire. This online exhibition is an expansion of a physical exhibit created in to mark the th anniversary of The Varsity Show. The distinguished roster of Columbians who have participated in The Varsity Show includes a who's who of show business talent and achievement. Wilbert Webster White was renowned for his development of an inductive system of Bible Study, emphasizing knowledge of the Bible rather than knowledge about the Bible.

His Papers contain an Address by him on the Biblio-centric Curriculum. People, corporate bodies and events that are represented in or by our items. A-mdo Byams-pa 1 A. Moog Wholesale Grocers 1 A. Holbrook 1 A. Mayer M'f'g Co. Backus, Jr. Bornot Bro. Newman 1 A. Root Company 1 A. Hiscox 1 A. Klaber Steam Marble Works 1 A. Plamondon Manf'g Co. Whitney and Sons 1 A. Felgemaker Organ Co 1 A. Polkes Associates, Inc. Common Council 1 Albany County. Real Estate.

Detroit Chapter 1 American Institute of Architects. Joyce, Carriage Manufacturer 1 Andrew J. Robinson Co. Blythe, Jr. Meeting 1 Ast, William T. Steffen 1 Augenstein, Leroy G. Leroy George , 1 August F. Saylor 1 B. Arthur Atwood , 8 Ballantyne, R. Edward Ware , 9 Barrett, Frank A. William Henry , 1 Bartlett, W.

John Coleman , 31 Bennett, John J. John James , 63 Bennett, Lerone, Jr. Adolf Augustus , 3 Berle, Adolf A. Algernon David , 8 Black, Anna S. Lawrence, Jr. Coraghessan 1 Boyle, William M. Harrington Cooper , 1 Breckinridge, Hugh M. Common Council.

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Edmund Gerald , 3 Brown, George K. Raymond Edward , 1 Brown, Richard A. Jerome Seymour 1 Brunkard, Thomas V. William Christian , 1 Bullock, Hugh and Mrs. Marie 2 Bunche, Ralph J. Charles Culp , 96 Burlington Grocery Co. Eveline Mabel , 3 Burns, Frank W.

Wilder 1 C. Cooper Co. Barrows 1 C. Turner, Incorporated 1 C. Arthur Pearson Ltd 1 C. Webster 1 C. Whitmeyer 1 C. Livingston's Job Printing House 1 C. Brown Furniture Co. Goldberg 1 C.

‘Hostage’ pushes Alliance’s limits

Pepper 1 C. Blackstone 1 C. Kenyon Co. Linington 1 C. Johnston Company 1 C. Rasmussen Publishing Co. Stolzenbach 1 C. Williamson Wire Novelty Co. Farmer Engraving Company 1 C. Hunt Company 1 C. McCormick's Reaper Manufactory 1 C. Homer Earl , 78 Capers, Roberta M. Benjamin Nathan , 20 Carey Bros. Allan Murray , 1 Cartwright, Morse A. Morse Adams , 12 Cartwright, Morse A. Clifford Philip , 13 Case, Francis H. Diocese of Cambrai France. Bishop : Godefroid, de Fontaines 1 Catholic Church. John Gadsby , 1 Chapman, J. Adams 1 Charles H. Greenthal and Co.

Graham 1 Chas. Conference th : : Richmond, Va. Thomas Maitland , 1 Clemans, William V. George Michael , 11 Cohen, Benjamin V. Columbia Theater Associates 4 Columbia University. Department of Music 15 Columbia University. Faculty Club 1 Columbia University. Faculty of Political Science 1 Columbia University. Glee Club 1 Columbia University. Jazz Study Group 1 Columbia University. Men's Glee Club 1 Columbia University.

Office of the President 1 Columbia University. Press 1 Columbia University. School of Architecture 1 Columbia University. School of International Affairs 7 Columbia University. School of the Arts 1 Columbia University.

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Trustees 2 Columbia University. University Glee Club 1 Columbia University. Governor 15 Connecticut. Andrew Wellington , 38 Cordon, Guy F. James Middleton , 2 Cox, Oscar S. George Dunlap , 1 Crotty, Paul A. Appleton and Company 16 D. Walter Co. Selleg 1 D. Robinson 1 D. Hennessy Mercantile Company 1 D.

San Francisco, Calif. Yorktown Heights, N. Aleksandr , 3 Davidson, George F. Malcolm Waters , 1 Davis, Michael M. Michael Marks , 13 Davis, Norman H. William Hammatt , 42 Davison, Archibald T. Robert Weeks , 1 De Kiewiet, C. Governor 1 Delaware. Organization 3 Democratic National Committee U. George Vernon , 1 Dent, Albert W. James Cephas , 1 Dereks, J. Charles Stewart , 23 Desmond, Thomas and Mrs. Thomas Joseph , 9 Dodd, W. William 1 Donahue, James I. Harold Fred , 21 Dornbusch, Sanford M. Lewis Williams , 24 Douglas, Paul and Mrs.

Arthur Wesley , 1 Dow, Barbara B.

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William Henry 1 Draper, E. James Henderson , 5 Duffus, R. Anthony Firm 1 E. Buck Co. Cowee, Milller 1 E. Bankers 2 E. Frank Coe Company 1 E. Clapp 1 E.

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Bowe 1 E. Waite Co. Stebbings Mfg. Tucker's Sons 1 E. Burrowes Co. Richard Wayne , 1 Edelstein, Julius C. Bassford 1 Edward D. Colin D. Stimpson Company 1 Edwin E.

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Helen 1 Elman, Richard M. Nikolai Alekseevich , Ethel 87 Epstein, Lenore A. Leonard, Jr. Whitney Carriage Co. Lummus Sons Company 1 F. Palica Co. O'Neill 1 F. Knowlton Cigar Manufacturers 1 F. Myron Coureval , 1 Fagan, Peter E. Benjamin J. Fred Franklin , 1 Finletter, Thomas K. Thomas Knight , Finley, John H. F 2 Fisk, Shirley C. Raymond Blaine , 4 Foss, Murray F. Fitts Mfg. Lester 1 Frank J.

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